I obtained my Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Transportation Design from Detroit's famous College for Creative Studies in 2012. After working with car designers as a Creative Digital Sculptor at the iconic General Motors Design Center for four years (think clay modeler, but on the computer), I left to continue my education at Northern Arizona University, earning a Masters of Arts in Sustainable Communities in 2022. I live in beautiful Stillwater, Minnesota.

My Cars:
1962 Ford F-600: Former fuel oil delivery truck sporting a 262 inline six, 4-speed transmission, and a two-speed Eaton rear axle. Future ramp truck/car hauler.

1965 Ford F-100: Short box, 352 FE, and three on the tree with a clean Colorado body. Has been in the family for 20 years!

1973 Saab Sonett III: With a fiberglass coupe body, 1.7L V4 and diminutive size, it's a riot in SCCA RoadRally competition.

1963 Chevrolet Corvair Monza: 102hp 4-speed club coupe.

2001 Honda Insight: Only Honda could build the most fuel efficient gas car, and make it a hoot to drive!

2021 Handsome Fredward City 3: Just a solid, retro styled chromoly daily.

2015 Framed Mini-Sota fatbike: 14-speed winter daily and adventure machine.

2013 Trek hardtail: 11 speed swapped 26" trail rig!

1963 Schwinn American: Coaster brake cruiser.

And more...

Tyler Linner

PO Box 465
Stillwater, MN, 55082